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For a given epic, any issue belonging to a project in the epic’s group or any of the epic’s subgroups can be linked. An epic also has optional planned start date and planned end date .

Epics are included in Enterprise Edition Ultimate (EEU) and the Gold plan of .

Read through the documentation on Epics


Personal Access Tokens can be scoped to certain API privileges, thus providing better security when accessing GitLab through the API or third-party applications.

Private Tokens were previously deprecated and have now been completely removed.

All Private Tokens will be migrated to Personal Access Tokens during upgrade, ensuring your existing applications continue to function.

Read through the documentation on Personal Access Tokens


When you’ve outgrown your project, you can easily promote project milestones to group milestones. Simply click the button from the desired project milestone page to promote it to a group milestone. Similar to label promotion, all project milestones with that same title across all projects in the group will be merged together into one group milestone. And all issues and merge requests that previously had any of those project milestones will now automatically have the new group milestone. Project issue boards associated with the previous project milestone are now associated with the promoted group milestone.

Read through the documentation on promoting milestones


Push mirroring, when enabled for a repository, will automatically mirror it to the configured target Git repository.

Admins can now limit access to push mirroring to only admin users to prevent private projects from being automatically mirrored to another repository that could be external and unsecured.

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Your preferred project home page settings allow you to choose the content you want to see on every project’s home page. You can choose between the projects activity, file list and readme, and readme only.

In GitLab 9.0 the readme only option was removed, but has now been restored for those who prefer a minimal project overview.

Read through the documentation on User Preferences


As part of our ongoing effort to internationalize GitLab, we have now externalised strings in the Contributors and Tag pages, allowing our translation community to add more languages and strings to GitLab.

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published December 29, 2015

At the Content Marketing Institute, our team is filled with people who have a genuine enthusiasm for the practice of content marketing. We also are fortunate to be supported by another team with a similar fervor – a vibrant #CMWorld Twitter Chat community. This super-smart, incessantly curious, and generous group gathers each Tuesday at noon Eastern Standard Time. We extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of people who have joined us in 2015, including our inaugural CMI Community Champion Mike Myers.

Joe summed up our sentiments well when he tweeted:

Below are a few of the most retweeted and insightful tweets from our chats. We invite you to join us in 2016. (You can see a schedule of upcoming chats and read transcripts from previous chats .)

Community talk

Getting to know the #CMWorld community

100th chat

CMWorld wrap-up


Email marketing

Subscriber-building via websites and blogs

Customer experience and content marketing

Growth hacking content marketing

Strategies for building your email list

Content creation

Headline tips

Content built for intentional repurposing

Content Inc.

Content marketing for entrepreneurs

Charitable component to your business

Content marketing careers

Personal branding and content marketing

Professional development

Content promotion and distribution

Paid promotions for content marketing

Value of traditional media in content marketing

Content promotion

Content to build trust

Content marketing research

Research in your content marketing strategy

Influencer marketing

Media and influencer relations

Community-building to support marketing goals

Measurement and ROI

Content marketing metrics

Content hacks and tools to double conversion rates


SEO and content marketing

Social media

Social media management / management of multiple accounts



Customer service in a social/tech age

Social selling

Event apps to build and develop content for reuse

Varied content for social distribution



Content-driven experiences

Multichannel marketing

More intelligent content marketing

Content program development in a large enterprise

Engagement, impact, and sales

Content strategy 101

Teams and processes

Culture of content

PR and content marketing

Subject-matter experts

Role of the editor in content marketing

A good editor is someone who can turn something ridiculously terrible, into something ridiculously incredible. #cmworld

Wyzowl @wyzowl

Team processes and brand guidelines

Front-end vs. back-end marketers

Culture of content marketing

Multi-author blogs

Tools and technology

Content marketing productivity

Content marketing tools

Visual content and design

Creative video solutions

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Love you all #CMWorld. You are helping to change the face of communication and business as we know it. The big picture is real.

Component architecture registry local to this application.

Invoke the Pyramid request pipeline.

See Request Processing for information on the request pipeline.

The output should be a pyramid.interfaces.IResponse object or a raised exception.

Return an object which implements pyramid.interfaces.IViewMapper . kw will be a dictionary containing view-specific arguments, such as permission , predicates , attr , renderer , and other items. An IViewMapperFactory is used by pyramid.config.Configurator.add_view() to provide a plugpoint to extension developers who want to modify potential view callable invocation signatures and response values.

Provided with an arbitrary object (a function, class, or instance), returns a callable with the call signature (context, request) . The callable returned should itself return a Response object. An IViewMapper is returned by Discount Genuine Buy Cheap In China Air Vapormax Moc 2 Flyknit Sneakers Lilac Nike Best Place Cheap Online LA6Mpp

Set a key/value pair into the dictionary

Return True if key k exists in the dictionary.

Return a list of keys from the dictionary

Pop the item with key k from the dictionary and return it as a two-tuple (k, v). If k doesn't exist, raise a KeyError.

Return the value for key k from the renderer dictionary, or the default if no such value exists.

Return a list of values from the dictionary

Pop the key k from the dictionary and return its value. If k doesn't exist, and default is provided, return the default. If k doesn't exist and default is not provided, raise a KeyError.

Return an iterator over the keys of this dictionary

Delete an item from the dictionary which is passed to the renderer as the renderer globals dictionary.

Update the renderer dictionary with another dictionary d .

Return the existing value for key k in the dictionary. If no value with k exists in the dictionary, set the default value into the dictionary under the k name passed. If a value already existed in the dictionary, return it. If a value did not exist in the dictionary, return the default

Clear all values from the dictionary

Return a list of [(k,v)] pairs from the dictionary

Return the value for key k from the dictionary or raise a KeyError if the key doesn't exist

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