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As we kick off 2017 with the fresh energy and optimism that a new year brings, like me, I bet many of you have made some achievable (and not so achievable) New Year’s resolutions. This year, one at the very top of my list is to more actively consume industry news and trends and apply them to my own marketing. At Marketo, we finished the year by running a social countdown, called #marketocountdown , that highlighted some of the top influencers tofollow so you can stay up to date on trends, tips, and best practices.

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of the 31 days thatyou can look at and a Twitter List so you can follow all of the influencerswith just one click. Want more details? I’ve listed each influencer and their social handles below. Check it out and let us know if you follow someone who you think should be on the list.

1. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the Head of Content at MarketingProfs and author of the WSJ bestseller, . She actively wages war on mediocre content marketing.

2. Brian Fanzo

A Millennial keynote speaker, translator of geek speak, and change evangelist, Brian Fanzo doesn’t stop there—he’s a live video pioneer and also hosts the Amanda Wakeley Woman Zipped Paneled Satin Jacket White Size 6 Amanda Wakeley Online Cheap Authentic Free Shipping Classic Buy Cheap Outlet Store Find Great Online Cheap Price Fake DHTqgX
and podcasts.

3. Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is a TED Talk and keynote speaker, the author ofand , and the CEO of

4. Jessica Northey

Jessica Northey is a social media entrepreneur that speaks fluent hashtag is a fan (and social promoter) of country musicwith #CMChat.

5. Guy Kawasaki

GuyKawasaki was the former Chief Evangelist of Apple but since then has been busy writing 13 books, keynoting, and serving as the Chief Evangelist of He’s always on Twitter sharing what’s new and trending.

6. Joe Pulizzi

You can find Joe Pulizzi running Content Marketing Instituteand on stage (in orange) giving a keynote at Content Marketing World. In his free time, he’s also the author of four content marketing books.

7. John Jantsch

John Jantsch is asmall business marketing consultant, speaker, and author of , , and .

8. Lee Odden

Lee Odden is the CEO at TopRankMarketing while also finding time to be an author, speaker, consultant on B2B content and influencer marketing, social media, PR, and SEO. Fun facts: He loves bacon and has a pretty awesome beard.

9. Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a social media keynote speaker, author of five best-selling marketing books, host of the Marketing Companion podcast, and consultant focusing on digital transformation.

10. Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is a popular social mediaspeaker and the author of . She offers great advice on DIY design and visual marketing.

11. Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group and is also acontent marketing consultant, marketing speaker, writer, and the author of .

12. Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World. He hosts the Social Media Marketing podcast and is the author of and.

13. Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz is the President and CEO of Heinz Marketing which offers consulting services that cover B2B demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, content strategy, inside sales effectiveness, marketing technology, and driving revenue and results. He’s an awesome speaker and has been known to contribute to a Cupro Skirt Fields of Flowers by VIDA VIDA Browse Cheap Price Cheap Price Buy Discount 2018 New Cheap Online Clearance Professional Keyji
or two.

14. Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is an author, global social media speaker, social media marketing influencer, and aims to help businesses generate ROI from social media. His Twitter feed is often a one-stop shop for trends, tips, and tricks.

15. Zach King

Zach King is a filmmaker, Viner, and YouTuber. He makes video look easy and teaches others how to use it and incorporate it into their strategies.

16. Kim Garst

Kim Garst is a keynote speaker and Forbes Top 10 social media influencer.

17. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is an entrepreneur, business owner, accidental marketer, and Facebook Ads geek. In his free time, he is a Brewers fan and baseball stats nerd.

18. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is the most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers. He is also an author, speaker, and President of the consultancy and media company, Convince Convert.

19. Joel Comm

Joel Comm is a live video marketing expert, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and social influencer.

20. Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a social media thought leader, Facebook marketing expert, globe-trotting speaker, and an author.

21. Pam Moore

Self-described as 50% marketing, 50% geek, Pam Moore is the CEO of Marketing Nutz and a keynote speaker, consultant, and social media influencer.

22. Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is the CEO of Owner Media Group. He is also the best-selling author of 9 books and counting—his latest is .

23. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield helps businesses monetize their online marketing efforts to grow their social media fan base and email list to make a revenue impact.

24. Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley is a social influencer and entrepreneur. He shares copious tips and tricks to optimize your content and digital marketing.

25. Diane Rayfield

Diane Rayfield is a social media marketing strategist, a Forbes Top 50 social media power influencer, and the Founder of Harp Social.

26. Eve Mayer

Eve Mayer is a professional speaker, humorist, CEO of Social Media Delivered, the author of , and a company culture strategist.

27. Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock is a social media consultant, trainer, and speaker who covers topics from content creation and amplification to influencer outreach and traffic generation.

28. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is one of the top content marketing influencers, recognized as a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer. He is also a social media marketing strategist and speaker, and runs a top global business blog.

29. Jason Falls

Jason Falls is an author and speaker who is wise to the ways of digital Marketing and social media. He is also the Chief Instigator at Conversation Research Institute.

30. Dede Watson

Dede Watson helps media and startups develop their brandingand content strategies. She is also a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer.

31. Bonnie Sainsbury

Bonnie Sainsbury is a digital business strategist, online marketing advisor, and an award-winning social media influencer.

Did you see any of your favorites in this list? Have someone to add? Share in the comments below!

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Configure OAuth 2.0 for SAP ByDesign OData Services

July 13, 2018 | 41 Views |
more by this author
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OData services support two authentication protocols: (user/password) and .

This blog posts provides an example to configure principal propagation using between an running on the (SCP) and (ByD) using OData services.

Example scenario:

Let’s assume we have an running on the (SCP) to display and browse your company address book and allow employees to change their workplace address information. The HTML5 application is connected to as cloud ERP backend with all relevant employee data stored.

Users shall be able to use the same logon credentials for the SCP HTML5 application as well as for usingfrontend single sign-on,and user propagation shall be used for any OData requests between the SCP application and ByD.

In my example I’m using the following system setup:

In my blog post Extend SAP ByDesign using SAP Cloud Platform HTML5 Applications I explained how to setup an running on the to extend .

Now we will adapt this setup in 3 steps to apply frontend Single Sign-On and principal propagation using OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer authentication :

Step 1: Setup Single Sign-On for the SCP HTML5 Application

As first step we setup frontend single sign-on to use as Identity provider for the HTML5 demo application.

SCP: Capture all relevant information to configure the IDP and later on OAuth:

IDP : Add the SCP as application to the identity provider list of applications:

IDP : Capture the IDP metadata from the tenant:

SCP : Add thetenantas trusted identity provider:


You can test single sign-on for your SCP HTML5 Application: Capture the of your SCP HTML5 application and open the URL in an incognito browser window. The browser should redirect you to the IDP logon screen for authentication and you should be able to successfully login to the SCP HTML5 application.

Step 2: Setup Single Sign-On for SAP Business ByDesign

In step 2 we setup frontend single sign-on to use as Identity provider for SAP Business ByDesign.

ByD : Configure Single Sign-on:

IDP : Add the ByD tenant as application on the identity provider:


You can login to theByD tenant using single sign-on: Open the SSO-URL of your ByD tenant in an incognito browser window (for example “). The browser should redirect you to the IDP logon screen for authentication and you should be able to successfully login to ByD.

Some remarks:

Per default ByD uses the name ID format “unspecified” for user mapping. ByD maps the name ID of SAML-assertions on the ByD user alias.

Additionally ByD support the name ID format “emailAddress“. In this case ByD maps the name ID of the SAM-assertion on the ByD user e-mail address that is specified in the ByD employee contact data.

Step 3: Configure OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Authentication

In step 1 and 2 we configured frontend single sign-on for SAP ByDesign and the SAP Cloud Platform application.Now we configure principal propagation such that the same user is used for OData access between the SCP application and ByD as well.

ByD : Configure an OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider

ByD : Add an OAuth2.0 Client Registration

SCP : Create a Destination with OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer authentication

Enter the Additional Properties:


The SCP HTML5 Application now uses user propagation for accessing ByD using the OData services. Open the of your HTML5 application in an incognito browser window: The browser should redirect you to the IDP logon screen for authentication (frontend single sign-on configured in step 1) and the role-based authorizations of your mapped ByD user should apply in the HTML5 application for read and write access to ByD (user propagation configured in step 3).

Remarks and additional information

In my example above I used a single SCP sub-account to develop and use the HTML5 appication.

In a productively used scenario I would rather suggest to separate provisioning and consumption of the SCP application, which adds one more SCP sub-account to the system setup:

In this setup the subscribes to the HTML5 application provided by the using the >> screen. In the configuration of the subscription you get the and you have the possibility to map required destinations as described in step 3.

Furthemore frontend single sign-on and OAuth 2.0 SAML Bearer Authentication is to be configured in the as well.

Related information using OAuth 2.0 in SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Cloud for Customer:

SAP Business ByDesign

Now that we have that out of the way, proper keyword research will help you develop and grow your content and overall SEO strategy. And yes, you do need a strategy now folks. Especially if you are functioning on a smaller team.

How do you find these golden nuggets? Google Trends .

Google Trends will help you narrow down what people are searching for in your area. From these trends or keywords you can build your content. One of our number one rules here at BoomTown when it comes to developing content is: Answer the questions your clients are asking.

This is an easy way to figure out what your potential online clients are asking.

Strategy#2: Links

There are three types of links you need to weave throughout your content: internal, outbound, and inbound links.

three types of links

Internal links are where you let your content and website shine. These become easier as you build up content such as blog posts and guide pages. Linking internally builds up your SEO clout.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to link outside of your site, this actually does help. And outbound linking, when done strategically will also help the third type of links. Inbound linking is when another website links back to you and the easiest way to promote this type of linking is content creation.

Strategy#3: Setting Your Content Strategy

If you haven’t realized it yet, in order to complete in the online real estate SEO game, your approach needs to be multi-faceted. This strategy puts all of the puzzle pieces together and places it into the context of your reasoning for doing SEO in the first place.

When in doubt, here’s a little tipto curb writer’s block.

To kickstart your Wholesale Price SHIRTS Blouses Altuzarra Supply Online bw7y2jTn2V
, we suggest starting with an valuable asset. Creating an asset that will appeal to your clientele increases your chances of becoming a thought leader in your market. Consider creating a buyer’s guide, seller’s guide, map of the area, history of your town, new construction guide, to name a few ideas. Once you have a larger asset, such as the ideas above, your blog and social media content can sprout directly from it. Making the rest of your strategy fall into place around this one main asset.

Pro Tip! Make sure to update your out-of-date or expired content such as blog posts about sold listings. If you wrote a post about a listing that has now sold, update the post to reflect its status. If you really want to knock it out of the park, add new content such as a testimonial from the buyers and updated photos. This pro tip is TOPWEAR Tshirts Exte Sale Best Store To Get Outlet Genuine CiIN5dIVE

Back to the house. After the foundation of your house is built it is time to add the addition, curb appeal and staging. [second image of the house] This is where you add more value to the “house” in order to sell. Once you have a firm foundation and have begun to create content, it is time to add more value through reviews.

Conference papers tend to be more ephemeral than other scholarly work. Even if they are available electronically, they often are spread over numerous sites that are themselves not always maintained for long periods. Finding them often means tracking them down one by one. A conference-papers archive would establish a one-stop access point. The operators of the archive could propose to the conference organizers two solutions: either the organizers upload all papers to the archive — sometimes even making the archive version the "official" one; or the archive organizers might use "spider" technology to extend the archive search engine to the conference site, and allow it to retrieve papers from that site. (Such a search would typically retrieve papers by title, conference venue, dates, and authors; more sophisticated searching would require adding metadata markup to the papers and a far more elaborate search interface, which could be expensive.) See the sidebar to this story to find out how ERPA handles the technical details.

Anyone could make a paper available to the community under this scenario; there would be no review mechanism beyond the registration. The service is dynamic in that papers can be replaced or updated as new versions are created.

"A basic test is whether it is possible to attribute a number of ERPA keywords to the papers"

This scenario is similar to Paul Ginsparg's physics and mathematics archives in Los Alamos. Ginsparg says that his model has a level of quality control: "The archives do benefit from an automatic form of peer review, since users typically replace their submissions in response to direct feedback, and subsequent revisions frequently benefit as much or more from this feedback as from the conventional referee process" ( Ginsparg 1998 ). Eventually, he says, a "global raw research archive" could grow out of his model, and he suggests that there could eventually be "a variety of superficial improvements" that would have the kind of labeling on each paper that is similar to the labels in Scenario 4 (but the labels would be given on the basis of the individual paper, not of an ex ante assessment of the source of the paper). "Any type of information could be overlaid on this raw archive and maintained by any third parties," he writes. He thinks labels might also indicate recommendations ("essential reads" for a given subject); grading according to overall importance; quality of the research; information on follow-up research, or even the successful (or unsuccessful) submission to a formal refereeing process. Those labels could be assigned by anyone in the community (but it would require a sophisticated system that balances widespread participation against avoiding bias).

ERPA was originally conceived as an exclusive club, presenting only series from its members. However, in assessing the alternatives we realized that we would serve the community better if we opened up that exclusive club. We decided, instead, to focus on a smaller set of quality series to build a "centre of excellence" that would help make European-integration studies more accessible. We also decided not to try to include e-journals, since that would mix commercial and non-commercial activities. We acknowledged the demand for easy access to conference papers, but considered this a project outside the scope of the participating institutions. (Including conference papers would also mean that the ERPA software would have to be reworked considerably. because it was not designed to give access to more than a few thousand of papers.) All our work is detailed in the Womens Dur 8806 Ankle Boots Igi amp; Co Discount Factory Outlet Great Deals 0vREvJb6n
issued in June 1999.

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2018 Grammy ® Nominees Tracklisting

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KELLY CLARKSON Love So Soft Best Pop Solo Performance
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KENDRICK LAMAR HUMBLE. Record Of The Year Album Of The Year
LORDE Green Light Album Of The Year
CHILDISH GAMBINO Redbone Record Of The Year Album of the Year
Jay-Z The Story of O.J. Record Of The Year Album of the Year
ZEDD ALESSIA CARA Stay Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
LADY GAGA Million Reasons Best Pop Solo Performance
IMAGINE DRAGONS Thunder Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
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JULIA MICHAELS Issues Song of the Year
Kesha Praying Best Pop Solo Performance
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LADY ANTEBELLUM You Look Good Best Country Album
KENNY CHESNEY All The Pretty Girls Best Country Album

Tune into the GRAMMY Awards ® on January 28

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